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TimelapseLab, has positioned itself as a strategic partner in the real estate industry by offering cutting-edge solutions for remote site management, construction process optimization, and fantastic timelapse videos. Our industrial and high-definition plug & play devices are designed to withstand any challenge in the field, while our proprietary artificial intelligence-based software transforms complex data into simple, immediate actions. We are dedicated to serving all key players in the real estate industry-HSE and CSE managers, supervisors, construction managers, site managers, investors, and even project managers-by providing them with automated monthly reports complete with analytical graphs of construction progress. With our technology, every image taken is safe, no detail will be lost, and you will receive automatic alerts to monitor progress on schedule, allowing you to stay one step ahead. TimelapseLab offers unprecedented control over the entire lifecycle of your real estate project. Our intuitive, feature-rich management platform is the ultimate tool for maximizing efficiency and transparency. With TimelapseLab, there are no boundaries; we quickly ship our devices worldwide.

Telephone: +39 0376 1811478                Mail: info@timelapselab.com

“Marketing videos and images”

TimelapseLab takes real estate video marketing to the next level, offering automatically generated 4K time lapse videos available to clients at any frequency: daily, weekly or monthly. 

With our industrial devices (other than webcams, cameras or similar products on the market) we enable detailed monitoring of project progress, with the ability to view photos in real time and easily download them. 

Our intuitive and easy-to-use platform ensures quick and efficient use, allowing customers to maintain constant control remotely. By incorporating timelapse videos and images into your marketing arsenal, you can expand your brand’s visibility. 

Sharing this content on websites and various social channels or video-sharing platforms not only generates interest, but exponentially increases the chances of online content dissemination. 

With our technology, every image taken is safe, no detail will be lost.

“Monitoring your construction site remotely”

A platform for remote monitoring of your construction sites fully reliable and certified. 

Thanks to innovative technologies tested by simulating extreme conditions, the devices of TimelapseLab take high-quality frames of your construction site.

These, collected and processed by our management software, enable optimal long-term monitoring of the status of the progress of the activity’s work. 

They are designed not only for remote monitoring of construction sites, industrial facilities, logistics and events, but also for time lapse video production for promotional purposes. Automatically and instantaneously, neural networks detect sensitive data in the images and blur them (faces, license plates, areas, etc.) to ensure complete respect for privacy. 

In this way, privacy, thanks to artificial intelligence, is ensured, in compliance with GDPR regulations. With TimelapseLab devices, you can significantly reduce site visits while conveniently and reliably monitoring the progress of your real estate projects.