50 years of Stantec in Italy

The founding of the Italian office dates back to May 9, 1973

In 2023, Stantec celebrates its 50th anniversary in Italy. An important milestone that we wish to celebrate with those who continue to place their trust in us, those who work with us and above all those who share our values.

What we are today is the result of a series of mergers between some of the world’s leading design and consultancy companies, which have brought together the highest level of expertise and professionalism and an invaluable wealth of experience.

The founding act of the Milan-based Dagh Watson S.p.A., part of the British Watson Hawksley group, dates back to May 9, 1973. Later in 1994, the merger of Watson Hawksley and James M Montgomery, an American environmental consulting firm, gave birth to the company Montgomery Watson. It was then in 2001 that the company merged with Harza, a global environmental, engineering and energy consultant and leader in the hydropower sector. Thus, Montgomery Watson Harza was formed, later known by the acronym MWH Global and active until 2017, when it was acquired by Stantec, a Canadian group listed on the stock exchange and constantly at the top of the world rankings of engineering and architectural design companies.

Today, Stantec Italy is more than 170 professionals: engineers, architects, surveyors, geologists, and scientists who work side by side with about 30 other professionals with degrees in psychology, literature, politics, sociology, law, history, economics, communication and languages, all contributing to our highly multidisciplinary footprint.

We take pride in living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and, through our daily work, we strive to protect our environmental, historical and urban heritage, leveraging our strong international network of 26,000 employees and 400 offices worldwide.