Lombardy: the motor of the Italian real estate market

In 2019, the Lombard real estate market was the most dynamic in Italy, with double-digit growth in sales: + 13.3% against the national average of 9.8%. However, the large growth recorded in other regions such as Veneto (second place, with + 12.5%), Emilia Romagna (third place, with + 11.6%) and Lazio (fourth place with +10,7) must also be recognized.

According to the report presented by Real Estate Scenarios, the positive trend is expected to continue into 2020, with Lombardy property sales increasing by 14.4% (compared to national growth of 9.1%).

Milan represents the region’s main residential market, as well as being the second nationally after Rome.

All of the major indicators of the city’s economic significance have grown in the last twelve months, with sales increasing by over ten percentage points and a turnover with a 15-point increase.
A further increase – according to the report – is expected for the next year with turnover and sales increasing by one percentage point compared to current values. Projections were also positive for Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Mantua, Pavia, and Sondrio.