Lombardy region


  • A region at the heart of Europe. A privileged gateway to European, Middle Eastern and African markets easily accessible from/to American and Central & Eastern Asian markets.
  • A region that aims to become a big smart land, where entrepreneurship and innovation are the levers for change in urban areas as well as in mountain and rural ones.
  • A region that, after Expo 2015, is getting ready to host the big event of the 2026 Winter Olympics, an extraordinary occasion for public and private forces to come together to develop innovative projects and sustainable solutions destined to shape the lives of future generations.
  • An ecosystem where the innovation capacity merges with the attention to an all-round sustainability, as outlined by the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development.
  • A region where specialized production, basic and applied research, economic vocations and a drive for innovation move in synergy thus allowing for big transitions in industry and technology as well as for transformations of the relational spaces.
  • A region where regeneration projects combine the improvement in quality and access to services; entrepreneurship and the development of new productive sectors; the enhancement of both territorial identities and local cultural and environmental heritage.

Located in the north of Italy, at the heart of the most economically advanced European area, Lombardy is the 2nd EU region for GDP and it’s a top high performer for employment in knowledge-intensive activities.
Its competitive start-up ecosystem counts the 26,7% of the 14,000 innovative start-ups and SMEs operating in Italy.
In Lombardy, the strong link between universities, high schools of specialization, enterprises, and research centers enhances the growth of specialized human capital, with the 19% of the total nation number of graduates.
Furthermore, Lombardy is Italy’s first region for R&D spending, and hosts 1,300 research and technology transfer centers, as well as 9 regional clusters that promote the innovation ecosystem by fostering the creation of aggregations among the different actors active in the field of Research and Innovation.

Invest in Lombardy: the key to Lombardy

Regione Lombardia is proud to showcase a curated selection of projects, fostered by the dialogue with the network of local Provinces and Municipalities, to promote the territory and its investment opportunities.
Regione Lombardia stands ready to support investment initiatives, providing tailored assistance throughout each stage of the investment project.
For further information and assistance please visit www.investinlombardy.com.